Home is Where God Sends You

At Detroit Church we believe that "home" isn't always where YOU think it should be, but where GOD sends you. Meet Tanya and Joel Tiemeyer: 

"Joel and I were living in Ypsilanti while I attended graduate school. We began to feel a tug on our hearts to relocate after graduation. I was interning as a speech-language pathologist in Ann Arbor and knew that I was called to work in special education.I felt called to explore other options in the surrounding area and Detroit kept coming up in all of our conversations. 

We visited Detroit many weekends to find a neighborhood that felt like home. After much frustration, we heard about a great landlord in the Rosedale Park neighborhood. It was an immediate decision to sign the lease and move in. 

Youth With A Mission was renting a house a couple doors over. One of the team members invited us to his church on the baptism Sunday. The following Sunday, we attended without him and Pastor Sonny started a rap party. Even though it was challenging to go to an unfamiliar church, we were impressed with the diversity and genuineness of the congregation. I am now involved with the photography team. Joel volunteers with marketing team and the set-up and tear-down crew. We attend the Renaissance life group and feel like we have family far away from home. Detroit Church has welcomed us into their family and we feel loved and accepted!" ~ Tanya Tiemeyer

Change begins here!

At Detroit Church we believe that Detroit is a starting point for the revival God is sparking in this nation and around the world, not an ending point. Change begins here! Meet DeLean Tolbert: 

"I grew up in North Rosedale Park. My grandmother helped my mom and dad get a beautiful 1930’s brick home. Around the fourth grade my parents divorced and life (as we kids knew it) became a little more challenging and complex but God sustained my mom and all my siblings! Fast forward.

In 2003, I surrendered my life to Christ. When I heard that God had given his son Jesus so that He could have a relationship with me…I wanted what He had to offer. I am so glad I did and since then, my relationship with my own father has started to improve.

I moved away for school but I believed that Detroit would experience a spiritual revival. Once I finished my last degree, I envisioned myself traveling the country and the world and then settling in Detroit! But God had a surprise for me, “Detroit is a starting point, not an ending point!” 

God provided a job for me at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as an Assistant Professor of engineering. I ultimately was excited to come back home because I missed my family and wanted to impact the Detroit area with them. Now I needed to trust God to send me to a church. Back in 2016, I saw an online article about this new ministry called Detroit Church. When I moved back, I prayed that I would meet someone from Detroit Church before visiting. That week I caught up with an old college friend and he invited to come to his church…Detroit Church. An answered prayer!

Detroit Church has been many answered prayers. The Monday night prayer group has been a lifeline. It is so cool to connect with brothers and sisters, worship God, share burdens, and see God answer prayers. The Renaissance Lifegroup has become family. We dig deep because we are learning to be transparent so that God can work in and through us! We are new creatures in Christ! I look forward to see what is coming next..." DeLean Tolbert

A life better than you can imagine

At Detroit Church we believe that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to HIS purpose. Sometimes His purpose reveals itself during trying times, resulting in a life better than you can imagine. Meet Jeff and Dana Adams:

"1998 was a water shed year for Dana and me. Though we had accepted Christ while in college, we did not really understand what it meant to follow and rely upon Him. In 1998 Dana got breast cancer. During her treatment she experienced God’s comforting and love. 

The cancer caused us to evaluate our life priorities which led to a career change and family relocation to Detroit. On our first visit to Detroit we found Kensington Church. There we experienced the church in action. We went on a Mission trip to Recife, Brazil. When returning we felt God’s calling from a sermon based on the book of Nehemiah. God called Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem. God is calling followers to return to the urban core to bring the Kingdom there. As a result we moved to the Brightmoor neighborhood in 2003. 

In April of 2015 Artesian Farms launched, a social enterprise business which transforms blighted buildings, provides economic opportunity for folks in the neighborhood, and protects the environment. We grow a variety of lettuce, kale and basil 365 days a year. Currently three people are employed. Artesian products are sold thru several grocers in Southeast Michigan.

In 2015 Kensington became one of the churches to launch Detroit Church. Once again God spoke very clearly that we should be involved with Detroit Church. Dana works in the nursery and I volunteer on the First Impressions Team." ~ Jeff Adams

For more information on Artesian Farms go to www.artesianfarms.com

Seeing what God sees

How often do we look at our surroundings from God's perspective? At Detroit Church seeing what God sees and loving how He loves is at the core of everything we do. Meet the Sims:

"After moving to Virginia to attend Bible school in 2011, my wife and I felt that we should come back to Detroit to be a part of the comeback story that was in place. Detroit is her home city, and I felt a real tug in my spirit to return. So, in the year 2016 we did just that; we packed our family and our things and made the 13-hour drive back to Detroit, Michigan.

Just before relocating back to Michigan, I really began to look at my surroundings from God’s perspective. I saw a city that needed God’s intervention to be restored and transformed, and I saw God using me to give back to its community. In contacting and connecting with people from other cities, I felt the sense of despair and negativity always regarding Detroit. It bothered me to hear all people had to say about Detroit was adverse especially from those who were born and raised in the city. So, I decided with God’s leading to found PUSH. PUSH is a community-based organization whose sole purpose is to give back to it and ‘do something’ were needed. The first division, PUSH-Detroit, was the great endeavor. And it’s been growing ever since. We have gathered in both Detroit and Pontiac to spruce up neighborhoods and give food and hygiene packages to the homeless and much more. It has truly become my mission and will last for a long time.

Upon returning to Michigan, my wife and I knew we needed a solid church home where we were comfortable and happy and our children were safe, having fun, and were spiritually fed. I, more specifically, was looking for a church with a vision that aligned with my organization. We returned to our original church, but it did not fit the vision of PUSH, nor did it fit our individual or our familial needs. Then, I came across a website of a brand-new church. It seemed small, yet promising because its vision has Jesus at the center and desired to give back to the community, just as I did. My family and I attended one service, then made trips to other churches in the area, but Detroit Church would not leave our minds, nor our hearts. Finally, in October 2016 we made the decision to plug in to Detroit Church. Now, active as a service producer, working with media and a part of the men’s ministry I am enjoying life and a living witness that God makes ‘all things new’. To find out more about PUSH, visit www.thepushnetwork.org or our Facebook page THE PUSH NETWORK

Don't Be Idly Woke by Lito

There is alot of crazy stuff going on in our city, nation, and across the world. At Detroit Church we work hard to keep our finger on the pulse of the truth of what is happening around us - the good and the bad. Meet Carlito. A few months ago his dad challenged him to use his time more wisely by using his God given talents to express himself. Carlito began to write an entire notebook of thoughts and feelings about his generation and the world around us. Don't be idly woke.

Strengthening the Foundation

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing FOR God that we forget it should be doing WITH God, living out our lives intimately with Him. Meet Keith and Javon Jason:

"We met in church, got to know each other through church, and even waited for our first kiss until we said "I do" at the altar of our church. We've both served in ministry and invested a lot of our time, talent, and treasure in church. However, it wasn't until we encountered the extremely transparent sharing of the Gospel at Detroit Church that we started to realize just how often we placed "church" over God's ability to work in us through our daily living. I don't think we realized just how much we struggled with communication in our marriage, taking care of our home, and how to prioritze our time until we decided to align ourselves with the vision of Detroit Church. The overall culture of Detroit Church (transparent messages, commitment to Life Groups, and focus on family) has helped us strengthen the foundation of our marriage and focus more on how we can allow God's principles to impact our lives daily, not just when we are at "church"." ~ Keith P. Jason #allthingsnew

Life Is Messy

Life is messy.  People have pasts.  At Detroit Church we recognize that some of the greatest victories come after some epic defeats.  Allowing Christ to redeem your story, then use that story to positively impact others, is actively walking out God's grace.  Meet Tray Little and hear how God is using his story to change the lives of people through his gifts and talents!

"My name is Tray Little, I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. My mom was a teenager mother and I lost my father in a shooting at the age of four. My background consisted of pain, loss, struggle, and confusion. In an attempt to find an identity in the environment I was growing up in, I found a place in the street life.  I began selling drugs, failing in school, and was on a path of destruction. When I was 14, I found God and I have never looked back!!! My goal became to use my voice to influence the community I grew up in, and anyone who would listen, with a message of hope!  Over the last couple of years, I have been traveling around the country rapping, performing at festivals, churches and many different events. I have also spoken at life recovery institutions for those overcoming addictions, a Juvenile detention center and schools. I have been able to work with well-known artists playing for audiences as big as 30,000. 

After I moved back to Detroit I was looking for a church community where I could serve, use my gifts, and impact my city and I found Detroit Church. Ironically I found out that the church moved only a couple blocks away from away from Dexter, the neighborhood where I was raised. I am excited to get back to my roots and believe that God is gonna use my wife and I in big ways in our new community. 

What I love about Detroit Church is that we are committed as a body to get in the messiness of everyday life!  Serve while offering hope, love, unity;  challenging each other and demonstrating Christ's love." ~ Tray Little